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Why? Box Personal Financial Advisors

Clients@The BOX Personal Financial Advisors

At BOX Personal Financial Advisors, it all begins with our client's financial goals and needs. Our vision and our focus lie in building a solid financial foundation and a secure financial future for our clients. Our clients come from all walks of life -they include Professionals, Top Business-school graduates, Business Owners, Retirees, Corporate Executives. We are proud to have them all in our fold.

Team@TheBOX Personal Financial Advisors

When you get associated with BOX Personal Financial Advisors, you are not associated with any one Advisor but with a team of people who have not just the expertise & resources, but also the commitment to help you realise your financial goals in life.

Our core team includes:

Prashant Gupta is co-founder and a pillar of BOX PERSONAL FINANCIAL ADVISOR. He leads the tax advisory and internal control segment. Prashant is a qualified Chartered Accountant, and has expertise in personal and investment taxation. Prashant has the valuable experience of working with Rajeev and Ajay Chartered Accountants.

Sidharth Jain is co-founder and at the helm of all the affairs of our company. His experience with ICICI Bank and Client Associated has ordained him with the expertise in investment research and crafting of personalized portfolio solutions. An Engineer by qualification and has also achieved prestigious degree in Masters in Finance and Control (MFC) from Delhi University.

Megha Kotwal as Head of operations and Services, she is utilises her defence background to the fullest. Megha has an experience of working with reputed companies like Kotak Securities and Client Associates. She is a MBA from Infinity Business School and has a degree in Economics (Hons) from Delhi University.

Deepti Goel a co-founder - she has donned many hats in her career spanning more than a decade and a half, from being an entrepreneur to being a CFO apart from being a Business Development head of an international trading house. She has steered the companies across sectors such as Manufacturing, Textile and Education. She is a Lady Shriram Alumnus, a Certified Mutual Fund Advisor and an Associate Financial Planner in recognition of her exceptional interpersonal and management skills as well as keen understanding and appreciation of the business dynamics of Personal Financial Advisory, in our country, her contributions as our core team member will undoubtedly provide us with an edge in establishing, developing and coordinating invaluable relationship with our esteemed clients.

Arun Mandal He is a co-founder and mentor. His main responsibility is giving a direction to the firm. He is also founder and CEO of Pebble Silk Private Wealth management, a HNI wealth Management specialist. He has spent last 5 years advising HNIs and institutions on investment strategy. Arun has Masters in Finance from Delhi University and is in the final stages of getting his Chartered Accountant Degree. He is also a Certified Financial Planner.

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