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Harish, head of his family, owns a company which manufactures mobile phones in Noida. Before he approached us, Aditya Gupta & Co., his long time family Chartered Accountant managed his investments. Aditya’s expertise was taxation and accounting. As the scale of his wealth grew in size and complexity it started eating into his time schedule quite a lot, It started and it also went through ups and downs of capital markets, he felt a strong need for a professional firm which specialised in Investments.


We mapped his personal assets, liabilities, expenses, aspirations. Based on our analysis, we recommended the amount and structure of the family safety nest. Objective was to safeguard and inflation proof family’s life – style and aspirations for their life terms. Once he agreed to the plan after a few round of discussions, we executed the plan efficiently over a period of time. Subsequently, we assisted him in setting up a family trust to address the challenges and responsibilities that come with sizeable wealth. Now, while we monitor and report the routine items on a monthly basis, Harish reviews and re-calibrates the macro issues with us on an annual basis. Usually from a tropical island far away.


Box Personal Financial Advisors is a Delhi NCR based wealth management firm primarily advising and managing wealth for Delhi NCR based HNI families and NRIs.

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