• Our Industry leading investment framework -Middle Path Framework
  • Strong Accounting and taxation roots
  • Having a robust ethical culture
  • We help you organise and declutter your financial life
  • We understand, analyse and help you invest for life goals
  • We stay with you till you reach your life goals (and thereafter too)
  • We help you avoid take wrong decisions driven by emotions
  • We help you to be prepared for emergencies and transitions
  • We will stand by your family members in case of emergencies
  • We educate you on the do’s and don’ts of money management
  • We help you to save/invest regularly, bring in discipline
  • We avoid you make mistakes of getting into latest trends / fads.
  • We do Asset Allocation & Portfolio Rebalancing on a regular basis
  • We also help you select top class investment products & schemes

While filing your tax returns, we run through a checklist to ensure that all recommended deductions and benefits have been availed. Additionally, using advanced techniques we can harvest losses and set them off against gains to reduce the tax outgo.

Our remuneration is based as a percentage of average Assets Under Management method (AUM). This aligns the interest of both parties very well as our earnings growth is tied to growth of family’s AUM.

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    Box Personal Financial Advisors is a Delhi NCR based wealth management firm primarily advising and managing wealth for Delhi NCR based HNI families and NRIs.

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