Investment Philosophy

Improve returns with a stable long-term approach

Our top of the class investment expertise is thoughtfully applied to optimally structure and monitor your wealth to maximise your family’s happiness. This is achieved by striving to improve returns and also by maintaining a stable long-term approach.

Following are some of the key features of our investment philosophy:

We believe simple investment portfolios are easy to monitor and rebalance. Our client families are now enjoying the superior outcome of this approach. It also sets them free to truly celebrate their wealth and not be caught in it’s intricacies.

High Liquidity
As a philosophy we strive to maintain daily liquidity for all our portfolio investments. It comes in handy while tackling any unforeseen turn of events.

Integrated Tax Intelligence
Our investment objective is to improve net return after all taxes and costs. All our investment decisions are inherently optimised to minimise tax implications. Instead of paying taxes, sometimes our clients end up taking a refund from them.

Middle Path Investment Framework
We have evolved and applied various rules to construct MPIF in the Indian context. Amongst other things, there are rules around diversification, style biases and active management.


Box Personal Financial Advisors is a Delhi NCR based wealth management firm primarily advising and managing wealth for Delhi NCR based HNI families and NRIs.

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